About Breaking into the Boy’s Club: women in Sport & the Media

“Breaking into the Boy’s Club”
The following quote, stated by field hockey Coach Khan in the film “Chak de India”, in a speech given to an all female team playing an all male team, touches on what this portion of my blog will reflect upon. “Do not think you are playing against 16 boys. You are fighting everyone in this country who thinks girls can never match up to men, cannot hold a job as well as a man, cannot make decisions like men. You are fighting each fool who has forgotten that if a girl has given life to him, she can do anything. Anything” (Chopra & Amin, 2007).

Female athletes are still in the shadow of men when it comes to the support from media and the public. This page will discuss one of the new topics and main purpose of my blog, “Breaking into the Boy’s Club”. I was writing a paper for my Organizational Behavior class; on inequality for women working in the sports industry. While researching this topic I was actually shocked by the facts. This then inspired me to film a segment on Women in Sport and the Media.This topic still makes me rattled…. and I thought I would share this with you all. And maybe it will help spread the word that this is an issues that we should try and fix. If sport broadcasters and media publications were able to cover and promote its female athletes at level that reflects the actual existence of women’s sports than society maybe less likely to see women as inferior to men. By getting the word out that female hockey player’s and athletes do exist then maybe as a community we can try to help promote our female athletes and give them the support they deserve.

B247 female athletes and the media2

Gender discrimination and inequalities for women working in the sports industry will be the focus of this portion of my blog.This portion of my blog will feature some of the issues that females are encountering working in the sport media industry. Issue’s such as, the lack of media coverage for female athletes and women’s sports, the lack of leadership roles for female coaches, and the hardships many female reporters have to face while working in a male dominated industry. In the sports industry there exists gender inequality, and the women who work within this industry are confronted by many challenges. The first reason proposed in support of this claim is that there is an unequal amount of media coverage for female athletes in comparison to men. This is largely because women’s sports are viewed as inferior to men’s sports by the mass media. Second, there is a lack of women in leadership roles in the sports industry. For example, coaching positions for women within athletics at the university level in Canada are sparse (McDowell, 2013). Third, women working in sports media face considerable issues of oppression.This section of my blog is to showcase that inequalities do exist for women working in the sport media industry.


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