About Me :)

Hi There,

My name is Katie Benedict.  The sport media industry has always been a great passion and interest of mine. I began my career in the Media Foundations Certificate Program at Humber College in 2006 and continued my education where I obtained my diploma in Film and Television Production in 2010. I am currently enrolled in my third year at Brock University studying Sport Management, hoping to combine both my passions for media and sports.

I have been a team leader on many projects and have produced several short films/sport segments. These opportunities have enhanced my management and creative skills, as well as my attention to the principles of design. I have also learned the importance of marketing films/sports segments from pre-production to post-production.  I have created several electronic press kits and communicated with media outlets to distribute press releases. I also coordinated and created marketing materials such as promotional videos, posters, post-cards, synopsis sheets, and trailers. I have facilitated multiple fundraisers, promotional campaigns, and gala screenings that have raised more than $4000 toward my third year film thesis, “Skater’s Edge.”


I have been a Producer at BrockTV working in the Sports Department for two years, where I collaborate with others in the all-around production of  regular sports programming. This year I got the opportunity to create a new sports show calld Badgers 24:7. This show features in-depth stories on varsity athletes at Brock on the grit of training to the glory of a moment where they become some of the best athltes in Canada.


Feel free to check out Badgers 24:7 page on facebook. As well, here are the links below to check out some of the most recent segments I produced:

Badgers 24; Brock Badgers NLL Leaguers

Brock Badgers Lacrosse Players Make the Big Time! This episode of Badgers 24:7 features three brock lacrosse players, Justin Pychel, Mike Lum-Walker, and Bryan Campbell on their journeys towards getting drafted into the NLL (National Lacrosse League).  https://www.brocktv.ca/watch/1315

Badgers 24:7;The Battle of Queenston Heights

In the third episode of Badgers 24:7, the Brock University Men’s Hockey team battle the Guelph Gryphons in a special game honoring Sir Isaac Brock and the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Queenston Heights. https://www.brocktv.ca/watch/1291

Badgers 24:7; Badger Big League Dreams
In the first episode of Badgers 24:7 we take a look at the story on Brock baseball athlete Shaun Valeriote’s journey on becoming the first ontario university athlete to be drafted in Major League Baseball. https://www.brocktv.ca/watch/1273
Badgers 24:7; What is Homecoming?
In the second episode of Badgers 24:7 we take a look at the spirit of homecoming and what it means to sports fans, athletes and alumni. https://www.brocktv.ca/watch/1281
Please let me know what you think. I strive on feedback and comments
All the best,

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