Music: An industry Disrupted Comments


Hana mentioned in her podcast that she is guilty of downloading illegal music. Even before the evolution of the illegal downloading began she would record songs off of the radio (creating a mix tape). However, she was 8 at the time and didn’t know this was a form of piracy. She was 8 and on a weekly allowance of a $1. She didn’t think this was wrong because everyone was doing it. I thought this was pretty funny because I remember when I was 8 the Spice Girls were always on the radio – I couldn’t afford the CD. So, I would do that exact same. At the time I didn’t think this was a problem or an issue. Even now thinking back it actually surprise me because in a way recording music off of the radio on to a blank cassette tape (was in a way a form of downloading/coping). I even remember my grandpa would always record Disney movies off of pay per view on to a blank VHS tape (this is also similar to coping/redistributing materials i.e., pirated or burnt movies)…funny….don’t yeah think?


Jade mentioned in her podcast typically she does download a lot of music and does purchase movies/songs on iTunes. However, she doesn’t share/upload what she downloads. She does purchase music/DVDs on a much larger scale but, her practices does conflict in a way (because she is downloading music/videos). But what can be down to stop this? For instance, Jade mentions she thinks the piracy/copyright infringement can be a bit ridiculous….. house bands such as, Girltalk. Takes 2 seconds of a beat and mixes 30 other songs into a remix. This then creates a crazy techno beat. However stealing those 2 seconds is illegal (in the industry/governments mind) even though one can’t differentiate where the beat came from. I do agree with Jade that is it a bit ridiculous/extreme for an artist to do a remix – and the industry calls it copyright infringement. At the same time, there is a grey/middle area – where the public/industry needs to draw a line. What can be done to stop this? Not too much in my eyes and Jade thinks the same way. With having access to the internet 24/7. One can’t just say, “hey you can’t do this” when there is a 100 ways to download/copy and most people are not going to be arrested (90% of us download illegally anyway). There is a issue and a battle ground – society/consumer vs. the industry. But, for the industry Jade is right. It is tough to put laws in place when a person with a click of a button can attain it for free.


Jordana mentioned in her podcast using sales of bottle of water in comparison to the music industry. I thought this was really interesting. Water is free, it comes out of our taps. It’s free to consume – However, free doesn’t always necessarily mean that it will eliminate the sales in the water bottle market. Even though, water is free yet we dish out $100-$1000 of dollars on water bottles a year. This is the same with music lovers, they end up buying music when there is some value to it. People do deserve to be paid for their work such as artist who creates music. Is an artist being crazy and having a unrealistic demand when they want consumers to purchase a CD? Personally, I don’t see that an artist is asking for unrealistic demand for there work. Jordana mentions who would pay for a CD when you are a student? Especially, when you can get songs/CD for free? I think she is absolutely right in that perspective but, I don’t feel for an artist to sell a CD in between $10-15 dollare is asking for too much. There are issues in protecting the creator of the digital content? But, Jordana feels they is no way of stopping it – people continuing to give their friends music for free all the time. If its on the radio – someone could easily tape it and replay it. She says if the copyright police doesn’t come out then this is going to keep happening. She is absolutley right…. but, how can the copyright police come out and arrest everyone for illegal downloading when 90% of the population does it?


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