Everything is a remix

“Media convergence is more than simply a technological shift” (Jenkins, 2004). Over the past year when I think about what I have consumed and what I produced online – is Facebook posts, twitter tweets – sharing the videos that I have produced at BrockTV to family and friends. I feel that studying media – there are a lot of media elements shifting towards the web/mobile devices rather then our TV networks ie, watching TV shows and movies on Net-flicks. Being able to watch/stream the Superbowl from your smartphone. “Our cell phones are not simply telecommunications devices; they also allow us to play games, download information from the internet and receive and send photographs or text messages” (Jenkins, 2004).

When I think about how I contribute with online content – I am a sports producer working at BrockTV. I tend to upload online sports content videos weekly or bi-weekly. So, when I think about what encourages me to produce my own. As Kirby Ferguson documentary suggests, “creation requires influence everything we make is a remake of existing creations of our lives and the lives of others” (Ferguson, 2010). When I was watching his four-part documentary I couldn’t believe how everything was truly a remix. Taking an idea and transforming it, is a form of copyright. The movies/commercials/TV shows I use to get my inspiration to produce my own content – is still a form of copyright. For example, I currently produced a sports show at BrockTV called Badgers 24:7. The show is based on the idea that it features varsity athletes stories fro the grit of training to the glory of a moment. Badgers 24:7 is similar to sports shows on ESPN, E:60, the HBO sports series 24/7 – due to behind the locker room scenes to get a sense what it is really like to be a pro athlete (varsity athlete). “Creativity isn’t magic it happens by applying original tools of thought to existing materials and with the soil we grow our creations to which we scorn and misunderstand – even though it gives us so much and thats copying” (Ferguson, 2010).

When I listen to those lines at first I was a bit defensive and thought to myself my own work is unique – But, then when I let it sink in – a lot of movies, book are a remakes of something or an ida. It’s kind of scary to think that nothing is really original anymore.



Jenkins, H. (2004) The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence International Journal of Culture Studies March 2007 7:33-43


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