Considerations of Social Media…the Public…the Private…the Personal.


The social media I currently use is Facebook (more recently I have been getting into Twitter). However, when using Facebook you should consider whether what you post or upload will hurt you down the road, whether your post could embarrass someone, or more importantly, could someone see your posts/photos that should not see it (parents, co-workers, boss)?

For instance, a friend of mine got fired from work because her boss saw pictures of her partying, drinking, and doing keg stands on Facebook. He told her that, “in the interview you told me you were a go getter, a responsible and reliable individual. But, after seeing those pictures it makes me think otherwise”. The keg stand photos left a bad impression of her and he fired her. I guess he didn’t approve of the idea that performing keg stands is an art form and you have to be a ”go getter” by chugging as much beer upside down as you can!

Some of us reading this paragraph could think why didn’t she put her privacy settings on? If her boss was a prude and if she knew he had Facebook, why didn’t she block him?

Who would have thought that a fun night out with the girls and uploading mobile pictures would result in someone getting fired from their job? The next day they might regret a hard night of drinking, but, you don’t tend to think “crap, my boss is going to see this”.

Personally, I don’t have privacy settings on my Facebook, nor do I ”censor” what I post or upload. But, after reading these articles, I should really consider who is going to see/view my personal and private information.


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